Peru And Tourism Development

Peru is one of the largest tourism nations in the world. It also does a lot of fishing and mining. The government has protected attractions sites especially the archaeological monuments and encourages ecotourism through the Peruvian Amazon Cultural Tourism. The above cultural program encourages beach tourism and adventure tourism. The industry is growing at an annual rate of 25% and has maintained this steady performance for the last five years. The most popular visitors arrive from United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, France, United States and other European countries.

Peru is very well geographically placed. There myriad range of activities to do. They include surfing, mountain climbing, rating, skiing, trekking, rallying and other interesting activities. The country is divided into three geographical regions; the coast, the jungle and the sierra. All the areas have different range of activities that are suitable to the regions climate and environment. The sand dunes of Ica are suited for buggies. Skiing has also developed to higher levels in the city of Huaraz. River rafting has also excited hotel developers who are building big resorts to accommodate the tourists doing the sport.

Peru is famous for trekkers. This is turning out to be a very adventurers sport among tourists. The treks are conducted from an area called Cusco to Machu Picchu as well as Ancash. Another area that is developing fast is mountain climbing especially in the sierra region. There are also national parks like Manu and Rio Abiseo National Parks and Tambopata – Candamo Protected Area. Some of the most interesting wildlife species around include the jaguars.

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