The History of Marriage and Niagara Falls

Marriage is a social union and legal contract between males and females. It is not very easy to figure out the true date about the start of marriages although the Old Testament of the Bible mentions that it was a family affair. After marriage, couples usually look for a good and romantic place to visit. Niagara Falls can be a perfect spot, they are massive waterfalls located on the Niagara River and lies on the border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the state of New York in the US.

Historically, the caretaker of the girl who was usually the oldest male member girls would be approached by the future husband who would ask his permission to marry the girl after presenting him with gifts for winning his approval. If the guardian would agree, he would publicly wed his daughter to the husband which would show the marriage. The bride and groom would then have a meal with families after which the groom would take the bride home.

During the Ancient Roman times, the lower classes had common law or free marriages. The father would transfer the bride under the agreement which was called consensus to wed. This was an agreement that required each partner to honor the marriage vows and keep the marriage in a bind.

Until the 9th century, the church was not involved in marriages. The wedding turned into religious events in all European countries by the 18th century. During the 19th century, English weddings among the upper class became religious events but the church did not want a legal commitment and had only blessed it.

Civil marriage ceremonies in European countries are legal these days just like they are in America. A couple can choose between religion and civil ceremony even in England.

When thinking about visiting an attractive location, Niagara Falls is one of the famous tourist spots and it is one of the most impressive and most visited waterfalls in the world. The specialty which makes it the most impressive natural wonders known to humans is that water over 4 million cubic feet runs down over the falls every minute

Niagara Falls was created as a result of erosion only a few thousand years ago. During the glaciations, the ice shelf extended and geologists believed the ice to be thick as 2 to 3 miles. When the ice retreated, the Niagara River was formed due to the melted river flow which made its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Niagara River is thought to be one of the youngest rivers in the world only 12,000 years old. Many people have got the opportunity to visit the falls and it is a place worth seeing.

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